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Monday, 21st November, 2005, 9:30 a.m.

Opening Ceremony
Tuesday, 22nd November, 2005, 10:30 a.m.
The Sava Center, Blue Hall


Special Sessions are intended to present important topics with the objective of providing Conference participants with information on their current state of the art.

Special Session Chairs

Dr. Dejan PopoviŠ, professor
ETF-School of EE
Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 73
11120 Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro

Dr. Branimir Reljin, professor
ETF-School of EE
Bul. Kralja Aleksandra 73
11120 Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro

E-mail: special_sessions@eurocon2005.dt.rs

Tuesday, 22nd November, 8:30-10:15, Hall 3/0

SS1: Cooperative Communications
Organizers: Branka Vucetic, Andrej Stefanov

Authors Tittle
Erik G. Larsson and Branimir R. Vojcic "Cooperative Transmit Diversity via Superposition Coding"
Roberto Pagliari and Gianluigi Ferrari "Robust Decentralized Detection in Sensor Networks: Multiple Observations or Multiple Access Points?"
Marcos Katz and Frank Fitzek "Opportunities for Cooperative Techniques in Future 4G Wireless Networks"
Jerry C. H. Lin and Andrej Stefanov "Asymptotic Analysis on the Choice of Partners in Coded Cooperative OFDM Systems"
Yonghui Li and Branka Vucetic "Distributed Turbo Coding with Soft Information Relaying in Wireless Sensor Networks"

Tuesday, 22nd November, 8:30-10:15, Japan Salon/1

SS2: Neural prostheses: Modeling and control of movement
Organizer: Dejan Popovic

Authors Tittle
Robert Riener "Control of robots for rehabilitation"
Albert H. Vette, Joon-young Kim, Kei Masani, and Milos R. Popovic "Closed-Loop Control of FES-Assisted Arm-Free Paraplegic Standing: A Feasibility Study"
Tadej Bajd, Imre Cikajlo, and Zlatko Matjacic "The Role of Augmented Feedback in Walking with FES"
Christine Azevedo and Ken Yoshida "Towards a model-based estimator of muscle length and force using muscle afferent signals for real-time control"
Venkateswaran Rajagopalan, Ana-Vieira Cruz, and Dejan B. Popovic "Control of Functional Electrical Stimulation for Walking and Standing of Hemiplegics"

Tuesday, 22nd November, 17:00-19:15, Hall 3/0

SS3: Mobile Applications: Opportunities and Challenges
Organizers: Srdjan Krco, Srdjan Kostic, Konrad Wron

Authors Tittle
M. Bernichi,á F. Mourlin "Java mobile agents for monitoring mobile activities"
D. Milic, V. Senk "Authenticated key agreement algorithm for conference establishment in 3G mobile network"
D. Cleary, D. Parker ""Finding Yourself" Building Location Services in a Peer-to-Peer Wireless World"
M. Uzelac "Mobile Electronic Medical Station"
M. Luminita, D. Simplot-Ryl, L. Gomez ,K. Wrona "Using Sensor and Location Information for Context-Aware Access Control"
B. Forstner, L. Lengyel, I. KelÚnyi, T. Levendovszky, H. Charaf "Supporting Rapid Application Development on Symbian Platform"
A. Boskovic, M. Despotovic "An Efficient Approach to ECG Signal Transmission via GPRS"
S. Krco, S. Kostic, D. Sakac, Z. Lukic "mSens Mobile Health Monitoring System"

Wednesday, 23rd November, 8:30-10:45, Hall 3/0

SS4: Filter Banks - Novel Concepts and Applications
Organizer: Heinz G÷ckler

Authors Tittle
Mohammed N. Abdulazim, Heinz G. G÷ckler "Joint Oversampling SBC-FDMUX Filter Bank for M Useful Channels Based on Modified DFT Filter Banks with Nearly Perfect Reconstruction"
Sanja Damjanovic, Ljiljana Milic, Tapio Saramńki "Frequency Transformations in Two-Band Wavelet IIR Filter Banks"
Daniel Alfsmann, Heinz G. G÷ckler "Design of Hypercomplex Allpass-Based Paraunitary Filter Banks Applying Reduced Biquaternions"
Marek Parfieniuk, Alexander Petrovsky "Four-Band Paraunitary Filter Bank with Integer-to-Integer Quaternionic Multiplier"

Wednesday, 23rd November, 11:00-13:15, Hall 3/0

SS5: Sinergy Versus Convergence in the Wireless and Hybrid Mobile Broadband Communications beyond 3G
Organizers: Simona Halunga, Octavian Fratu, Zorica Nikolic

Authors Tittle
Daniel Negru, Ahmed Mehaoua "Network Mobility Support for Interoperable IPv6/DVB-T Systems"
Zorica NikoliŠ, Zoran Hadzi-Velkov, Bojan DimitrijeviŠ, Nenad Milosevic "Interference Rejection in UWB Radio System Using Adaptive Transversal Filter"
Madalin C. Bucur, Remus Cacoveanu, Silviu Ciochina "Dynamic Bandwidth Management System implementation within ATHENA infrastructure"
Daniela Florescu, J÷rg-Michael Hasemann "Interactive TV and mobile communications -A roadmap to convergence"
Silviu Ciochină, Octavian Fratu, Simona Halunga, Ion Marghescu, Remus Cacoveanu, Mădălin Bucur, Şerban Obreja "ATHENA Project-based Example of DVB-T ľ WiMax Interoperability"

Wednesday, 23rd November, 17:00-19:15, Hall 3/0

SS6: Signal Processing for Communications
Organizers: Milica Stojanovic, Zoran Zvonar

Authors Tittle
I. Dagres and A.Polydoros "Flexible radio - A general framework for PHY-layer algorithm-design insights"
M.Schmidt, H.Jakel and F.Jondral "Spectral properties of ultra wideband signals with general time-hopping codes"
T. Rao "A Performance Study on the 802.11g WLAN OFDM System"
M.Kocic, L.Martinot and Z.Zvonar "Signal processing techniques for EDGE wireless modem"

Thursday, 24th November, 8:30-10:45, Hall 3/0

SS7: COST 292: New Trends in Semantic Analysis of Digital Multimedia
Organizers: Janko Calic, Ebroul Izquierdo
Part I: The Challenge of Semantic Analysis

Authors Tittle
Janko Calic, Neill Campbell, Dasiopoulou Stamatia, Yiannis Kompatsiaris "A Survey on Multimodal Video Representation for Semantic Retrieval"
Selim Aksoy and Pinar Duygulu "Integration of multimodal data for better retrieval of news videos"
Divna DjordjeviŠ and Ebroul Izquiedo "Relevance Feedback in Content-based Image Retrieval Systems, an Overview and Analysis"
Slobodan Cabarkapa, Nenad KojiŠ, Vladan RadosavljeviŠ, Goran ZajiŠ and Branimir Reljin "Adaptive content-based image retrieval with relevance feedback"
C. Doulaverakis, Y. Kompatsiaris and M. G. Strintzis "Ontology-Based Access to Multimedia Cultural Heritage Collections - The Reach Project"

Thursday, 24th November, 11:00-13:15, Hall 3/0

Part II: Applications in Digital Multimedia Management

Authors Tittle
Jorge Fazaneda, David Santos and Paulo Correia "Using Gait to Recognize People"
Radoslav Denchev and Walter Stechele "An Experimentation Environment for MPEG-7 based Driver Assistance"
Iftikhar Ahmad, Serkan Kiranyaz and Moncef Gabouj "An Audiovisual Retrieval Framework for Multimedia Java Enabled Mobile Devices"
Vladana DjordjeviŠ, Natasa Reljin and Irini Reljin "Identifying and retrieving of audio sequences by using wavelet descriptors And neural network with userĹs assistance"
Ivan DamnjanoviŠ and Ebroul Izquierdo "Turbo Coding Protection of Compressed DomainWatermarking Channel"

Thursday, 24th November, 11:00-13:15, Hall 6/1

SS8: COST 276: Information and Knowledge Management for Integrated Media Communication
Organizers: Jurij Tasic, Jesus Cid-Sueiro, Urban Burnik

Authors Tittle
J. F. Tasic, U. Burnik, M. Ansorge, J. Cid-Sueiro (introductionary paper) "Content Understanding for Smart Multimedia Systems"
Z. BojkoviŠ, A. SamcoviŠ "Variable frame rate control strategy based on human visual system"
M. Kunaver, J. F. Tasic "Image feature extraction - an overview"
D. Siskovicovß, J. Turßn and Z. Bojkovic "Invariant image recognition using Trace transform and function of autocorrelation"
U. Burnik, M. Pogacnik, M. Tkalcic and J. F. Tasic "Content4All: A Cross-media Platform for Community Information Exchange"
M. Meza and J. Tasic "Support of the blood transfusion diagnostic process with telemedicine"
M. Vlcek and B. Simßk "Design of IIR Equiripple Filters in z-domain"